The table below lists protocols for the sterilization of Liquid Nitrogen for the procedure of vitrification.
All protocols have been validated by one or more independent studies; the bibliographical references to the validation studies are listed in the Notes.


For Vitrification of oocytes and embryos

The new NTERILIZER N-Bath is part of an easy-to-implement system to sterilize liquid nitrogen based on specifically designed sterile disposable sleeves for vitrification and warming.
The disposable is equipped with a special UV sensitive label, and the process is traced by a double labelling. The sterilization data is backupped in a web portal based on blockchain technology. The device is given for loan to Nterilizer contract subscribers and the disposable sleeves are sold at cost of a cryo-carrier. The contract encloses website access and microbiological test for installation. The purchase of a minimum number of 600 sleeves per year is required.
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