NTERILIZER has recently signed a partnership agreement with a Chinese company, Shenzen VitaVitro Biotech, which will be the first commercial company to use NTERILIZER technology in human In Vitro Fertilization

Dr. Lodovico Parmegiani, founder of NTERILIZER, said he was delighted to work with the Chinese company:
"The agreement we signed will allow us to apply our technology to a device used to aseptically freeze human reproductive cells. This is an innovation which represents the application of our research over the past years. What makes us particularly proud is that the NTERILIZER technology was specifically selected by the Australian Professor Gabor Vajta, VitaVitro consultant, pioneer in embryology, cryobiology and cloning. Further potential applications of NTERILIZER technology for certified sterile liquid nitrogen are countless” - Parmegiani continues – “both in the medical and food and beverage sectors.  Just think that the world nitrogen market accounts for about 20 billion dollars in turnover per year.”

So... come to the #ESHRE MEETING in Barcelona from 1-3 July, to discover the new VITAVITRO-NTERILIZER partnership: the world of vitrification will never be the same...