You can now sterilize Liquid Nitrogen.

Every piece of equipment used in the IVF clinic is sterile, except Liquid Nitrogen. Several studies have shown that Liquid Nitrogen can easily become contaminated. In 2003, Bielanski1 reported that 100% of the tanks examined were contaminated; this finding was confirmed by Morris in 20052.

Contamination creates a risk for the samples.

NTERILIZER® provide products and protocols for the sterilization of Liquid Nitrogen in ART clinics.
We offer an inexpensive and easy to implement method to sterilize Liquid Nitrogen in each of the three situations where contamination can occur: at preparation, during storage and at warming.

This site provides details about the products and the protocols required to sterilize Liquid Nitrogen in each of these three situations. There is a section for each situation, under the tabs Freezing, Storage and Warming.

With NTERILIZER, the entire cold chain of the IVF clinic can now be sterilized thus considerably reducing the risk of contamination to samples. For an overview of products and protocols, click the link below.

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